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Perfect results every time

Pacojet is manufactured with the precision and durability that premium Swiss products are famous for. No matter what the dish – purees, sauces, soups, mousses, ice creams – your Pacojet will deliver ultra-smooth results every time. Thousands of renowned chefs the world over swear by it.



Let your imagination be your guide…

Pacojet’s versatility will inspire you to create a signature dish for every course:

  • Apéritif: Chic and unique frozen cocktails
  • Starter: Delectable soups, pâtés, terrines, quenelles
  • In-between: Sorbets to cleanse the palate
  • Main: Entrées accented with vegetable, herb and spice concentrates (sauces, oils, pastes)
  • Dessert: Light and airy mousses, exquisite ice-creams
  • Digestif: Decadent after-dinner drinks

Quick & convenient

Time on your side…

Prepare your Pacojet beakers when it’s most opportune—at quiet times when your kitchen’s not busy. Processing is fast and easy. Pacotize before your guests arrive so your cuisine is ready-to-serve or prepare à la minute.

Compact, portable & simple to clean

A modern-day ‘moveable feast’…

Pacojet is a compact appliance that requires very little counter space and can be plugged into an ordinary socket. Its portability also makes it ideal for catering. Cleaning takes just 60 seconds at the touch of a button.


Exquisite flavour & aroma

From the garden to the table…

Capture the freshness and succulence of fruits and vegetables at their peak of perfection, preserving the natural juices, aroma, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. With Pacojet, your culinary creations will be bursting with ripe flavour and natural goodness. Say good-bye to preservatives, additives, stabilizers and taste enhancers.

Market-fresh taste all year long

The coolest way to fine gourmet…

Spoil your guests in the thick of winter with creations made with market-fresh ingredients! Simply fill the Pacojet beaker with deliciously-ripe produce when it’s in peak season. Frozen air-tight and rock-solid, the flavour will remain locked in until you are ready to impress. Pacotize and serve an unexpected taste of summer that will please the palate of even the most discerning connoisseur.

Incredible ice creams & sorbets

Just chill and let Pacojet do the rest…

Simply dice your produce (leaving edible peels on), place all ingredients in the beaker, and freeze for 24 hours. The next day, attach the beaker, select the number of portions and voilà! Every serving will have the finest consistency – ready to serve at the ideal temperature.


Increased business success

Let your Pacojet be your marketing partner…

Your customers will delight in your quality and creative new taste sensations. Dazzle your guests – and let them do the talking. Make your restaurant the talk of the town.

Higher profits

Improving the bottom line…

The Pacojet system can make a mighty impact on improving the bottom line in restaurants of any size!

Save time

In just one hour the Pacojet will produce…

  • 15 litres of sorbet or ice cream in 15 different flavours
  • 15 kg of fine farce for pâtés, terrines, light and airy mousses
  • 15 kg vegetable, herb or spice concentrate for sauces, oils, spice pastes etc
  • 150 portions of soup in 15 varieties

Reduce labour

  • No need to peel, puree or strain your raw material – simply dice, place in the Pacojet with your other ingredients and freeze
  • Prepare beakers for the entire week at one time

Reduce food waste

  • Pacojet beakers are airtight and hygienic – no spoilage, oxidation or contamination
  • Peels, fibrous cores, etc. can be pacotized into micro particles – why throw them away?
  • Your fresh produce is sealed immediately in the air-tight beaker and stored at -22°C.
  • Only the portions required are used. The rest goes back in the freezer for later use
  • Prepare beakers for the entire week at one time