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Repairs & servicing

The standard service charge for Pacojet is as follows:

*includes return delivery

  • We will thoroughly clean and inspect the whole machine.
  • Service kit parts replaced.
  • PAT tested class 1.
  • Machine tested with frozen product before return.
  • In most cases, other parts will need replacement to get the machine fully functional (e.g. clutch/belt/blade holder/mainshaft, etc).
  • If your machine is more than 10 years old we will advise you before service.


  • We can usually service a machine and have it back to you within 24 hours of receiving.
  • We can provide a quote before proceeding with the work, however this will delay the service process.
  • Alternatively, for a faster turnaround our engineers can go ahead and complete all the work without quotation.

Service Terms

  • Please note: when you send a machine to us for service, you agree that all main components and parts are removed and tested for faults.
  • If faults are found new replacement parts are fitted and the machine is PAT tested.
  • In no circumstance can we refit the old faulty parts into the machine and send the machine back to you if you decline to pay the service invoice for whatever reason.
  • Machines left with us after service exceeding 4 months will be deemed not required.


  • Please note: we do require payment after machine service and prior to return delivery.
  • We accept card payment by telephone or BACS/bank transfer.
  • All payment details are included at the bottom of the pro forma invoice issued when a service is completed.

Sending Your Machine

  • When sending your Pacojet to us, please box and ensure it is well protected.
  • Include your company name, address, contact email, telephone number.
  • Please include the blade, spray guard (black rubber) and beaker holder.
  • Courier companies such as UK Mail (Part of DHL) or the Royal Mail Parcelforce deliver to us daily.
  • Guide weight: Pacojet 1 / Junior = 14 kilos, Pacojet 2 = 18 kilos

Send your Pacojet via courier to us at:

Luke Bagnall
Chef Tools
The Old Forge
Gore House
Essex SS4 2DA

If you have any questions please contact us on 01702 258 639.

How we return your pacojet

Once your machine has been serviced/repaired we will send it back in a custom-made Pacojet box, designed to minimise damage in transit. Please retain this custom box, as this will make it easier for sending the machine to us for your annual service.